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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Below you will find the third edition of the newsletter! Inside you will find notes of encouragements for students, ways to support students during the summer, planning for the next school year and more!

VSC Newsletter 3
Download PDF • 2.91MB

A peek inside. Read a few of the articles below, or download the PDF to see the full newsletter!

Real Talk

As the school year, for most of us, is coming to an end, and graduations, celebrations, and everything in between have become Zoom meetings, and drive-through situations, Let's take a moment to feel proud. Whether this is your first year as a school counselor, or your 100th, you have done something this year that is something you have never thought you would do in your career. You have been tested, you have had to get creative, you have had to just figure it out. So maybe you didn't nail it, and maybe it didn't always go to plan, but you showed up! We are all learning something new about ourselves in this time and we need to take the time to give ourselves some credit!

A School Counselor's Role in Planning

As leaders of our schools, it is imperative that we have a say in what will happen as far as planning for next school year. Ultimately, final decisions will be made and we will work with our districts and administration to make the best of what has been decided, but we need to make sure that our voices are heard to advocate for ourselves and our students! We are getting a lot of information thrown our way regarding recommendations for how to keep our students and staff physically safe. What we need to help prepare for is the mental health, and behavioral concerns that will be prevalent in our schools. Being proactive in our efforts now will help create an easier transition back to school for everyone. Your schools' needs will reflect in your planning. Keeping everyone on the same page to support each other, will be key.

Take Care

We all know the importance of self-care and now more than ever, we need to make sure that we are taking the time to do just that. You cannot pour from an empty cup. In order to be able to advocate and stand up for your students, your schools, and your communities, you need to make sure you are in the right space to do so. Cry, scream, write, sing, find your own counselor, do what you need to do to keep yourself in check.

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