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Virtual School Counseling

The Future of School Counseling is Virtually at Your Fingertips

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Counselor Membership

Simply creating an account is all you need to do to become a member here at VSC. Membership provides school counselors a platform to ask questions, share resources and ideas, and is your one- stop hub for pre-made counseling lessons that require no preparation, and no materials. 

The Free Membership includes a collection of free lessons to try out in your classes now. 

With all of the pressures, daily responsibilities, and to-do lists that come with being a school counselor, you'll be able to cross 'lesson prep' right off that list! 


There are paid plans to choose from as well that include the entire collection of lessons, ebooks, trainings, weekly lesson planning, tools for building relationships with students, and more! 


Wondering which plan is best for you?


                                                           | The Curriculum Plan | The Monthly Plan

All Access

The All Access Plan

The All Access Plan is for the counselor who wants it all! This plan grants access to all things VSC. Including but definitely not limited to; The Virtual Curriculum lessons, ebooks, guides, manuals, trainings... all the goods. Any new features, updates, or resources added are all included with this plan. 

Curriculum Plan

The Curriculum Plan

The Curriculum Plan is for the counselor who gets down to business! With this plan you have your very own  library of lessons. Search for a specific lesson, or browse lessons to find ready-to-use School Counseling lessons for online as well as in-person learning. Instantly download PDF or Video files to share with students.   

Monthly Plan
About Lessons
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About the Lessons

Virtual Curriculum

  • The Virtual Curriculum is a collection of counseling lessons organized by category (social/emotional, academic, and career).

  • There are 6 units or main topics per category. 

  • There are 4 lessons for each unit. The first 3 are to introduce and reinforce the topics and the last unit is a review to reflect on what was covered.

  • The lessons can be shared as a live presentation, or shared as well.

  • Each lesson includes a topic, and introduction slide where counselors are able to check-in, review class expectations, etc.

  • There are anywhere from 10-20 slides depending on the topic and activities included. 

  • The activities require minimum materials and no prep. Only paper and pencil/whiteboard/ a computer word document (whichever works best for you and your students). 

  • There are plenty of opportunities to involve students, and discussion questions are available to keep students actively engaged. 








Health and Safety

Culture and Diversity






Study Skills

Lifelong Learning


Career Exploration

Career Pathways

Lifestyle Planning

Get Hired/Accepted

Work Habits

Dream Big

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