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The latest edition of our newsletter is here with last minute gift ideas, self-care flyers, winter break tips for students, and more!

VSC Newsletter 7
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A peek inside. Read a few of the articles below, or download the PDF to see the full newsletter!

Celebrate the everyday moments

Now that winter break is fast approaching, we are noticing all of the stress that comes along with this time of year. This, being the year that it has been, hasn't helped with reducing that stress at all. This is the time when we really have to dig deep and find those everyday wins that are worth celebrating! All of the things that we encourage our students to do when facing changes, challenges, and disappointment. How we help them to develop resiliency and courage to keep going is something that we now get to use ourselves. Allowing ourselves to feel the feelings we have and using our own sets of coping skills to work through them. Though things are by no means, going the way anybody wanted or expected them to, find the moments in your day that make you smile. Celebrate those, and make space to welcome even more of them!

Reflection | Goals | Planning

The end of the year always brings a sense of excitement! Thoughts, hopes, and plans for the next year. New Year's Resolutions, goals and ideas for change and how to be better than ever! Let's really take a moment to think back on 2020. Reflect on your year in the different aspects of your life, work, home, personal... What were the things that went well that you want to continue on into the new year? What about the things that did not go so well? What might you revamp, or do away with all together for next year? Really take some time to reflect on the things that you have control over, and start to use these reflections to help you in setting goals for next year. Then you can take those goals and make your plan. What will you create in 2021?

Winter Break

Coming together while we're apart

Spending time apart from family, friends, and loved ones is tough and our students are feeling it too! A lot of them are wishing that they could be at school, seeing their friends and even, yes, even missing their teachers! There have been a lot of creative ways to keep students engaged and able to spend time with others, at a safe distance. There are the drive-throughs/parades where teachers, counselors, and staff either drive through neighborhoods to visit students waving from their cars or where the families drive-through the school parking lot waving to their teachers. Allowing students to have some 'free chat' time in virtual classes is a must for giving students dedicated time to socialize with each other. Another way is to get permission from parents for students to share email addresses, or have a directory of those with permission, to be able to become pen pals during break when virtual classes aren't in session.

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