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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Here is the latest edition of our newsletter with email templates, managing stress tips, and more!

VSC Newsletter 6
Download PDF • 44.36MB

A peek inside. Read a few of the articles below, or download the PDF to see the full newsletter!

Real Talk

Fall is in full swing and I am here for it! The weather is cooling down and the coffee is heating up! This year feels so long, and like it's going by so fast, all at the same time. How is that possible?! It's 2020, I guess that's how!

One thing about fall though, is the gorgeous changes nature goes through. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, there is just such a cozy magic that comes with the season. The changes in nature are a reminder for us all. That we can make something beautiful out of the changes that we are experiencing. That we can let go, and know that there is so much to be grateful for. This time of year will look a lot different than we are used to. Amid the frustration, we can take this season as an opportunity to reflect on the year, as crazy as it's been. We can still find ways to be kind, and celebrate all of the things we are thankful for.

Stress Less

Maybe the question should be, is there anyone out there who isn't just the slightest bit stressed right now? As a community we are all facing events, experiences, thoughts, and feelings that we may have never dealt with before. Our students and families are struggling with trying to keep up with all of the changes, updates, and challenges of these times. We all wish that there was some magic wand we could wave to help everyone feel better. To calm the nerves and to ease the stress. Though, this magic wand sadly, does not exist, there are some tools that we can support our communities with for them to practice and use on their own and with their families to get through the tough times.

Thank you for making a difference


Even when it may not always feel like it, remember, you make a difference everyday! You are modeling to students and staff and other counselors, what it is like to be a leader, even when it is tough. You are reaching out and staying logged in late, answering emails on the weekends. You are working from home, or in schools, or both, and you are taking care of yourself and your families! What you are doing is a lot and it makes a lot of difference! If no one has yet told you, let this be your reminder that you are doing great, you are making a difference, and the lives of your students are that much better because you are in them! Though they may not say it in as many words, your students are lucky to have you and they are thankful for you! May you continue to reach out, take care of yourselves and help others, because, that's exactly what you do!

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