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Pre-order Membership

The benefits of getting in early

This pre-order, one-time payment, price of $99.99 will only last until the official launch date of 8/26/2020. At that time, all of the lessons will be unlocked and the price of the membership will go up to $199.98. 

The pre-order guarantees you a lifetime of unlimited access to all 100+ lessons in the curriculum as well as the lessons that are sold separately on this site. 

You will also receive the latest updates and newest resources, be a part of the counselor community, and be the first to receive the VSC Newsletter.

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About the Lessons

Virtual Curriculum

  • The Virtual Curriculum is a collection of counseling lessons that are organized by student level (K-12), and category (social/emotional, academic, and career).

  • There are generally, 4 units for each category. The first 3 are to introduce and reinforce the topics and the last unit is a review to reflect on what was covered.

  • The lessons can be shared as a live presentation, or shared as well.

  • Each lesson includes a topic, and introduction slide where counselors are able to check-in, review class expectations, etc.

  • There are anywhere from 10-20 slides depending on the topic and activities included. 

  • The activities require minimum materials and no prep. Only paper and pencil/whiteboard/ a computer word document (whichever works best for you and your students). 

  • There are plenty of opportunities to involve students, and discussion questions are available to keep students actively engaged. 

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Counselor Membership

Provides school counselors a platform to ask questions, share resources and ideas, and is your one- stop hub for pre-made counseling lessons that require no preparation, and no materials. 

With all of the pressures, daily responsibilities, and to-do lists that come with being a school counselor, you'll be able to cross 'lesson prep' right off that list! 

Save your time      |      Join today 

- Happy School Counseling! 

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